Making an Impact

The Denver Police Foundation (DPF) has identified four strategic initiatives to guide its efforts.

Broaden Community Outreach

The DPF recognizes the importance of the relationship between the Denver Police Department and the community it serves.  We also recognize the importance of educating the public about the Denver Police Department and DPF activities.  The DPF will support activities to strengthen these relationships and advance education efforts.

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Promote Officer and Community Safety

The DPF knows that officer and community safety is paramount.  We look for and support efforts to protect our officers and community through innovative tools that save lives.  We also emphasize partnerships that leverage DPF funding.

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Advance Innovative Technology and Training

It is critical that the Denver Police Department have the most advanced crime-fighting equipment and training.  We will support pilot programs and leverage other resources to help the Department remain innovative.

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Increase Awareness of and Recognize Departmental Service

The DPF recognizes the dedication, effort and sacrifice of the men and women of the Department, both sworn and civilian.  We believe it is important to recognize and show appreciation for their efforts.

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Learn More About the Denver Police Foundation

See more of the Denver Police Foundation videos here.

How You Can Help

As a non-profit charitable organization, the DPF can accept contributions that are fully tax-deductible. Donors may request that contributions be used for needs identified by the Foundation or for specific purposes and programs. Requests for anonymity from donors are honored. All donors are recognized in DPF materials for their support.

Funds raised support a variety of initiatives important to public safety, crime reduction and an improved quality of life for all residents.